Marketing Designs

Creative Process

When designing for a client for marketing purposes, I try to get a sense of what their brand identity is and what their core values and beliefs are. From there, I can design something that’s going to be eye catching and relay their brand message to their potential customers.

The navy and gold designs above were designed for a realtor who wanted an elegant, but accessible look. The navy blue signifies the knowledge and integrity she has in her businesses, and the gold signifies her generosity and compassion towards her clients as a realtor.

The green design for the same realtor was an informal and fun ad playing off of the color palette of her jacket, shirt, and jeep.

The basket, which I designed and executed, is from a Valentine’s Day contest that I created and ran for Facebook for a client in which potential winners had to like their Facebook page, and then share the post.

The box of Southern Louisiana goodies is a referral partner care package that I designed and put together for a client.