Case Study


Press 1 for English band book project

The client wanted a book that showcased the band’s fun personality with pictures and interesting, eye catching colors and effects. 

Page 1: Because the band is a high energy band that plays all styles of music from all eras, I wanted to make the first page a style  that was trendy (the tie dye effect) with colors that were more accessible and classic while still being vibrant(green and blue).

Page 2 and 3: I wanted to showcase the band performing and loved this picture with its beautiful purples and pinks that I incorporated in the title. Being able to frame the band with the title at the top and the text over the crowd and have them stand out was definitely a visual win.

Page 4 and 5: The focus of these pages is the individual band members, so I used a simple black background for the pictures to stand out.

Page 6 and 7: To showcase their song set lists, I made an iPhone graphic as a nod to the band’s name.

Page 8-11: To continue the vibrant, fun theme of the book, I put effects on the photos on these pages to make them more visually exciting.  

Pages 12 and 13:  Another performance picture was utilized to show the band in their element. I used colors that complimented the photo and a fade effect to blend.

Pages 14-16: I edited more pictures to continue the bright and fun personality of the band.

The client was very happy with the outcome.